Ten Blogging Commandments

Ten Blogging Commandments

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Thou must not take this seriously. Seriously, it's a bit of fun. The 10 blogging commandments include owning cacti, loving copper and most importantly SUPPORT YOUR BLOGGING BUDS. 

Printed by me and available in either A5 or A4. The paper is 160gsm (thicker than paper, thinner than card).

The text reads:

  1. one must own multiple cacti
  2. thou shall not copy content
  3. one must own all the copper & rose gold
  4. one must not forget to charge camera
  5. thou shall click on friends affiliate links
  6. one must binge watch new Netflix shows
  7. must focus on quality not quantity
  8. one must take outfit shots for their friends
  9. honour thy community
  10. thou shall not forget to schedule tweets