The Box Of Lame is a little one-off subscription box that I put together every 3 months or so, depending on my schedule. If I have a 'less busy' month and I know my parents are able to spend a solid 72 hours packaging up boxes I know I am ready haha. 

The production of making a box is huge and very stressful, however nothing beats reading lovely reviews of the box. Follow @thatlamecompany on Twitter to hear about the next box as they are generally sold out within 48 hours. 

Take a read of snippets of blog posts of the #BoxOfLame. Click the blog link to read the blog post in full.

The Essential Christmas #BoxOfLame 2016

life of kitty image

(image from Life of Kitty)

"Well when I spotted the Christmas one I figured you know, why not treat myself?! And that I did… It arrived the other day and I just love everything inside!"  - www.lifeofkitty.co.uk 

"Overall – even though I didn’t think it was possible – I loved this box just as much as my other two boxes. Congrats to That Lame Company for doing such a fabulous job again and again for making amazing products, introducing us to fabulous smaller shops, curating an amazing box and keeping it so affordable!" - www.farewellmay.co.uk

"I am not the only person last week that was bursting with excitement at home waiting for the ‘Box of lame’ to come through the door. The company name is so wrong it should be the ‘So Not Lame Company’" - www.prettythings2016blog.wordpress.com

September #BoxOfLame 2016

"The Blogger Box of Lame by That Lame Company is everything my inner stationery addict loves. It’s a fab mix of notepads, prints, recipe cards and even some art from some independent sellers too." - www.wisheshopesdreams.co.uk

"I am so impressed with the Box of Lame this time around, it is so diverse and I don't feel like I've got too much of one product which is great! I love all the products and I cannot wait to see what That Lame Company bring out next." - www.adelesmith.co.uk

Spring #BoxOfLame 2016

Colours and Carousels Image

(image from Colours and Carousels)

"I think this is probably their best box yet, totally jam packed with gorgeous high quality products that wouldn't look out of place in the likes of Paperchase." - www.coloursandcarousels.com

"That Lame Company really pulled it out the bag with this box, I am already itching to get another and I haven't even used every piece to this one!" - www.oliviacheryl.com

Winter #BoxOfLame 2015

"The box was the most darn freaking adorable package I have ever received. Actual #postgoals. Packed up with a string and Christmas wasabi tape with a little hidden letter to the buyer- it really is the attention to details when it comes to things like this, that really get my heart excited." - www.amandabootes.co.uk

Winter Box of Lame

(Image from Kirsty Leanne)

"For the last few months I have been dying to get some goodies from That Lame Company, and as it was pay day last week I decided to treat myself to their Big Winter Box of Lame." - www.kirstyleanne.com

"Everything is such great quality and obviously a lot of thought has got into every piece. Oh and let's not forget there was a candy cane included because it's CHRISTMAAAS!" - www.kathandcake.com

August #BoxOfLame 2015

"Everything was either wonderfully packaged or wrapped with cute tissue paper and bows! Any how, it is a nice handmade touch and is just lovely!" - www.veryberrycosmo.co.uk

vanity claire blog post image

(image from Vanity Claire)

"The first thing that you need to know about That Lame Company: they have the best name ever. The second thing that you need to know about That Lame Company is that they sell some of the best things ever." "The element of surprise in the box also makes it an amazing gift for anyone you know who loves cute stationery, or just for yourself as a little ‘to me from me’ treat" - www.vanityclaire.co.uk